the Fading Light

by Illusions Play

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Recording information:

All instruments and vocals of album recorded at "Illusions Play Home Studio", Istanbul, Turkey in 2012-2013 (except track 1 was recorded at Lunas Music in 2011 summer).
Mastered at Oztop Music.


released January 21, 2014

Berrin Yahyaoglu - female vocals, synthesizer
Vitaliy Petrenko - vocals, guitars, drums
Mehmet Salih Ozsoy - clean male vocal (guest)



all rights reserved


Illusions Play Istanbul, Turkey

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Track Name: When My Ashes Touch the Sun
My mind is begging to start but my hands betray,
the mist inside my eyes appears always in silence,

Dither, is might. Is this the beginning of the end?
Dreams and truths are inside of me. No eternity!
Ask yourself...

God, Forgive me...

Ask to yourself just once who you are?
Fanciful of just mad? Lost soul lost...

When we close our eyes we think of dreams,
of dreams that never realized.
Sometimes we feel the pain,
but our ashes don't touch the Sun...

Lost in own tale dreams...
Are those real of just shaking reflections of my mind?

Despair is in me again, is this that soon?
Pain not cries anymore, only echoes
crowded by the darkness,
I wish they see, people who live for eternity,
I wish someone holds my hand..
Wishes are torn apart with despairs in my last breath.

If the expectation and longings have gone,
If reveries are only echoes of my sick mind,
and I'm still alone... mornings are still dark?
Track Name: The Deceased Before Life
Virgin snow is falling and covers ground from cold,
Strong northern winds pass through dark fields and valleys,
Old trees of forest have their last fall, passing through golden age...
Sunless days are coming and its time to rise for fall... again...

Earth is lying down to eternal sleep,
Eyes slowly close, breath is slowly wasted,
the Sun calls us beside her, far away from here...
All out worthy beings are spoiled and will be taken by them...

All our doors are sealed from bitter truth,
Our identities are lost and lying in the tombs
Where should be lying our tired withered bodies,
But there we have buried our last mercy and hopes.

All we were born with Favor, mercy and faith,
Now we live with greed, splurge and deceit,
The six hills merge with ether on the edge of horizon
where wounded birds uprise, circle and burn...

Ruthless giant opened hands touched to ether,
His darkest shade covers and conquers all,
On the highest hill our last standing castle is downed too...
There left embraced just you with me...
Track Name: The Shades (The Fading Light Part 2)
Your broken sandglass is drained away,
and you gleamed before disappearing.
Your last light was brighter than the Sun,
and this night was longer than our life...

Amongst the shades I stand in nowhere,
the nothingness slowly invades me,
All that I have is the last lost gleam of hope,
All time when I wait the sunrise I hear your voice;

“I am a thousand wind that blow,
I am the diamond dint on the snow,
I am the gentle autumn rain,
When you awaken in the morning hush."

As we live with our passion and die with our pain
I have had enough time to realize that.
When I look at the mirror I see pale gloom and the traces of my last breath,
Before I've disappeared I wished I could say my last goodbye to you,
but there was no time and I disappeared like melted snow in your hand...

And now you are gone.
The emptiness that I've had swallows me, all my flesh,
till it turns, into ashes.
And now I'm alone,
the Burning fire makes me cold,
And my soul is so old, and tired of empty hopes...

I have seen that angels when I've fallen,
The sharpest suffering is for stayed ones, not for gones.
If I will be hugged and covered by silence just remember me.

I am the sweet uplifting rush
of the quiet birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars, that shine at night,
Don't stand at my grave and cry,
I am not here, I didn't die..."

As the last rays of the fading Sun are shining,
I'll take them all to hide in the black hole from ones,
who exploited my lost days that passed in absence,
amongst the shades that have been living behind the Sun...

We'll be together in our remembrance forever.
You can see me everywhere but not here (not at my grave)
"Don't stand at my grave and weep.
I'm not there, I don't sleep...
Track Name: Ablend Lyfthelm
И снова раскрыл я свои глаза, упавши с неба,
Не смог я оставить, уйти от самого себя,
Среди густого тумана бродим мы...

Искал я вечность,
И в этом мраке мы снова рождаясь умираем...

Ветер заметал наши следы и приводил нас сюда,
в храм теней...
Здесь мы остались и уснули навсегда...